Family Memories of Building Dedication Event

One of the highlights of the Lohr building dedication celebration was the occasion to visit with other relatives whom we see only on an infrequent basis. It’s always a delight to keep in contact with nieces, nephews and in-laws. And now we’re into another generation with great-nieces and nephews.

We also were in attendance at a dinner where one of my husband’s “Johnson cousins” was honored.  He is the gentleman who first helped me connect with this branch of Jim’s family.

And the day also provided a few memories: the house my parents lived in many years ago once stood on the site now occupied by the Lohr Building. (The house has been refurbished and moved to another location in Brookings.)

Also, I had the opportunity to visit with a high school classmate and we reminisced about families and our lives from days gone bye. Ah, could it be that 42 years have passed since we marched to the graduation strains of Pomp and Circumstance at Bridgewater, South Dakota?

Jim and I also spent time visiting with his former college roommate and long-time friend and his wife.   The passage of time has only strengthen their friendship.

The daughter of a woman who was a co-worker with (in the late 1930s) and longtime friend  and roommate of my mother also introduced herself to me.  We chuckled how our “daring” mothers would go to an evening movie by wearing a coat over their pajamas.  Their wild streak is still talked about to this day!

Two informal pictures of the day:

Jerry Lohr speaking at the dedication:

Lohr Building entrance:


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One Response to Family Memories of Building Dedication Event

  1. Karen says:

    Mary, you have captured the weekend beautifully with your narration. It sounds like one of those times that will always be remembered fondly, having the opportunity to connect with so many friends and relatives, as well as honoring Jerry Lohr’s contributions to his alma mater with the building dedication.

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