Out With the Old

Ah, one of my digital toys tools has outlasted the projected life span … namely, the HP Ipaq 2495b shown here.  I purchased it in 2006 and loved using it, a combination personal planner and pocket computer.

It ran Windows Mobile 5.0 and was great for checking email and playing Bubble Breaker.  Responding to email was a bit more challenging as I had to use a stylus to input a message.  That is, until I bought a folding keyboard that use Bluetooth to pair with it.  However, the keyboard worked only sporadically so that “solution” wasn’t ideal.

The compact size made it truly portable.  Checking email or a database of my ancestors was the ultimate in convenience.

But time marches on and eventually I could only charge the battery by using the cradle it came with and connecting it to my desktop computer.  Then for some reason, in the later part of its life, it would no longer connect to some wi-fi spots.

So, Ipaq has been recycled to the digital dump at a local electronics store.  But the next generation has arrived in the form of a smart phone and tablet computer.  (I’m partial to the Android operating system.)

And, like my 1969 Rambler, Ipaq will always hold a soft spot in my <virtual> memory.


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One Response to Out With the Old

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Mary, I remember your 2006 purchase! You go Girl! Technology changes in the blink of an eye!

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