A Sisterly Trio

We are a trio, my two sisters and I. Our ages span a decade plus two years but that has only served to make us closer. Although we don’t see each other frequently, we stay in frequent contact via email and phone calls.

A sure sign that two of us are talking with each other is the sound of laughter shortly after the start of the conversation. It could be the recalling of old memories or some new twist on a phrasing of words.  (i.e. “Mary be quick, Mary be nimble  …”)

My sister Pat recently visited me and we shared some happy hours talking about lawnmowers, grasshoppers, elementary school ballet, conniving classmates, cats, Rex the dog, after school “chores” … and a plethora  of other childhood topics!

Our closeness has existed practically from the beginning and we communicate heart-to-heart among us.  Our mother, who had no sisters, would sometimes gives us a quizzical look as we were laughing and holding forth.   Probably she was somewhat puzzled by these sister antics.

As the oldest of the three, I have to take partial blame for being a bossy and a little bit manipulative in our younger years.   We remember the time when I was about five years old and asked my sister if she would trade godparents with me!  We never quite accomplished that task.

Having retained her godparents, however, my one sister paid me a  high complement when she said my mannerisms are very much like her godmother (and my favorite great-aunt), Mary Furhman.  I’ll settle for that.

Through the years we’ve had our pranks, such as the time I sent candles for Amy’s birthday cake that were relighting.  But, being ever so quick, she quickly guessed who was the instigator.  The same can be said for the time she celebrated a birthday ending in 0 and I arranged for all the nieces and nephews to send her duplicate birthday cards.  Guess who was the first to get the “blame!”

My sisters, Amy and Pat, are truly gifts in my life!

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3 Responses to A Sisterly Trio

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    And they are so lucky to have you!

  2. Karen says:

    Mary, that is a beautiful tribute to sisterly love and friendship.

  3. Amy says:

    Yes, Mary, we are very lucky to have each other. Lots of women I speak with don’t “get” the special bond the three of us have. It has never been two against one – while we may get on each other’s nerves (rarely) there has always been respect and acceptance. But really, Mary, did you have to stomp on that imaginary spider with such enthusiasm at the mall, in front of people I might know, and I was a young teenager. Gosh! lol

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