Reflections on Marriage and Friendship

June, the traditional month for weddings, was the month chosen by Matt, son of our good friends Dan and Karen, and his bride, Jourdan, to be married. The wedding was held at Reiman Gardens on the campus of Iowa State University.  It was a beautiful event attended by friends and family.

With this wedding, all four of “the kids” are married.  “Kids” being the affectionate term for Dan and Karen’s three children and Jim’s and my daughter, Naomi.  Within the last seven months we have had three weddings!  It wasn’t specifically planned to have the three weddings so close together, but when Cupid came calling, the time was right.   So it marks a passage of time.

We’ve known Dan and Karen since before they became parents.  It was three weeks after their own wedding that we met them after church and asked them if they’d like to go for coffee.  What has followed has been a thirty some year friendship (and lots of cups of coffee!).

Despite living about an hour apart, we have maintained strong bonds and shared many holidays, graduations, ups and downs.  Almost all of our gatherings have included a meal and we feel as comfortable at their table as we hope they do at ours.

And now this last wedding marks the milestone of the transitioning from the single to the married life for the younger generation.   May they be as fortunate to be blessed in their marriage with lifelong friends as have their parents and us!

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2 Responses to Reflections on Marriage and Friendship

  1. Karen says:

    Mary, we LOVE your family writings, and feel especially honored to be included in them. It has been quite an adventure over the last 37 years, sharing our ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and family activities with your family, and we treasure your friendship. I wish we could have/would have spent more time with you at Matt and Jourdan’s wedding, and apologize for being so neglectful. It seemed we were pulled in different directions. Thank you SO much for sharing the beautiful day with us all. Now that all the weddings are over, we need to relax with feet up, cup of coffee in hand, reminiscing with really great friends…YOU.

  2. Mary Ann Black says:


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