In the Beginning …

Many years ago when I began my genealogy quest, all of my material fit into this container. Of course, that was B.C., (Before Computers), and I had not a fraction of what I now have accumulated … all 12 drawers, boxes, and containers. Like Topsy, it just “growed.”

So, now the challenge is on to purge the extraneous material and organize the remainder– a daunting task that will not be accomplished quickly.  I have started with one container (baby steps) to take an inventory and come up with a workable plan.  I am labeling the contents of each folder along the way.

The delightful part is coming across material I have not looked at in way too long.   Some of the goodies found so far include a copy of my grandparents’ (Fred Schwans and Jeanette Sievers) wedding certificate from 1899.

The other gem was a copy of my first recording of genealogy information, probably at the age of ten, as my aunt Ella (Schwans) Kruse provided the basics:

Now the challenge is to keep sorting and sifting to see what other fun things I will encounter!  It’s great motivation to continue the task.

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Avid genealogist.
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3 Responses to In the Beginning …

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Good Luck!

  2. Karen says:

    Your interest in genealogy goes WAY back…it must be in your genes! 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    I was taking a look back at my records too and notice how large it has grown to also. It is so exciting, good luck with your research!

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