Doland High School Class of 1962, 50 Years Later

My husband and I recently attended his 50th high school reunion.  It was an amazing and worthwhile experience.  I think the last one we attended was the ten year reunion.  Oh, my, the years seemed to have passed quickly.

Thirty students graduated from  Doland High School (Doland, South Dakota) in 1962, and fourteen attended this reunion. It was a comfortable and relaxed reunion, with time spent visiting and reminiscing.  If they ever had existed, any pretensions and differences appeared to have vanished.  Maybe that comes from most members being retired (or nearly so) and years lived giving perspectives to any situation.

One of the topics of conversation was graduation.  A few members recall returning to town only an hour before commencement (class trip?), but no one could remember the name of the graduation speaker!  It wasn’t in the yearbook (someone had brought a copy).  One person suggested the speaker was from the state department of education.  Others replied they had the name in a scrapbook.  Anyone?  (No, Ferris Bueller, not you.)  One comment was the class was so eager to get on with their lives they forgot the events of the occasion!

Doland High School can boast of several notable alumni: Hubert H. Humphrey (former vice-president of the United States); Dennis and Duane Koslowski (Olympic Greco-Roman wrestlers); Roger Wollman (Chief Justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court); and, Harvey Wollman (former governor of South Dakota).   Incredible for a town that had a population of 180 in the 2010 census!

Harvey Wollman, a former teacher to this class, related a story of how one courageous class member taught him a life-long lesson in kindness and compassion.  I’ll leave the narration of that event to Mr. Wollman, but it obviously  left quite an impact of him.

I am anticipating my own 50 year class reunion in a few years.  Will any of us remember our graduation speaker?  (Hint: His initials were HMB.)


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One Response to Doland High School Class of 1962, 50 Years Later

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Mary, those reunions tend to be fun experiences. Our last one was my 40th. You had the perfect sized group for getting a good visit in with all and some very impressive graduates from that particular class, Glsd you had such s good time!

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