The Best of Times?

Interesting comment overheard at a gathering of retired persons (most of them in their mid-to late 60s)–

Our generation was fortunate in our teens and early 20s.  We had the best music and the best cars.”

Does each generation have this feeling?  Perhaps a contributing factor is that music does help define a decade or period of time.   Just as The Beatles, Elvis, The Supremes, the 1956 Chevy Bel Aire (what a car!), Rowen and Martin’s Laugh In, The Sound of Music … are memories from earlier days, I think what we experience in our adolescent and early adult years makes a deep impression on us.  The music will often capture a mood or emotion that  we identify with and we associate it with memories, both good and bad.

To this day I still like listening to the oldies but goodies radio music stations, but only for a while.  Living in the past is soothing and relaxing, and even restorative.  However, life has to be lived today amid the challenges and opportunities.

The memories of cars or music or movies can be like a step back in time and does seem like a standard against which we measure evolving cultural items.

And, yes, I do feel sometimes I am stuck in the 1960s with my preferences in music!


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