Mr. Murphy, Be Ye Gone!

We are fairly certain he is in neither my ancestry nor that of my husband, yet he firmly invited himself in and promptly made himself at home.   We can’t remember when the unwelcome guest first arrived, but a little detective work based on his very own “Murphy’s Laws” offers some clues:

  • his presence was first suspected when a replacement dinning room window arrived and was not the correct size nor fit. (Second ordered window is in the process of installation.  I hope it’s “hand-off” for Mr. Murphy.)
  • we think our unwelcome guest was contacting his relatives because my husband’s scanner stopped working abruptly.  As if that weren’t enough, Mr. Murphy must be a person of considerable proportions as evidenced by the computer chair leaning way off-center and being so far out of alignment as to be unsafe.  (The only winner in this situation is our local office supply store where we purchased replacements.)
  • after giving up on the computer, it appears Mr. Murphy decided my car might get him to his next destination but abandoned that idea when he learned I was stranded ten miles from home with a defunct water pump.  (My reliable and very competent mechanic came to the rescue.)
  • and if Mr. Murphy thinks he has any plumbing skills, I can only say, ‘”Tis not true.”  Our plumber has now finished the work professionally and certainly earned his fare.  (which is more than can be said of Mr. Murphy!)

So, if Mr. Murphy would be ever so kind to take his leave, we will bid him “Adieu!
(And,  please, do not hurry back our way.)  You have left enough of your calling cards.”

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Avid genealogist.
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1 Response to Mr. Murphy, Be Ye Gone!

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    That is cute Mary!

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