Ready for the Harvest

Recently I had a jackpot genealogy day which is best described as harvesting the fruits.  I decided to do a bit of research into a collateral line, that of my husband’s great-aunt.  We knew she married twice, but the first husband’s name and one son had eluded us. A little bit of poking here and prodding there, and viola! I had the answers.

On the website I noticed a person had added the son’s name to their tree.  But they had not listed the mother.  Using Ancestry’s message feature, I contacted the submitter and gave her the mother’s name.  Within fifteen minutes she responded and thanked me!  From the information she shared, I calculated she and my husband are second cousins, once removed.

And thanks to efforts of devoted volunteers I was able to locate the burial site of my third great grandparents, Adam Fox and Mary (Pauly) Fox.  They are buried in St. Catherine’s Cemetery, south of Dubuque, Iowa.  (It was one of those things right in front of my eyes based on some of the very earliest genealogy evidence I had, but did not comprehend.)

It was a fun experience to literally pick the ripe fruit.  But then the day ended with a bonus when a fellow blogger took my suggestion to join a particular Dutch genealogy group.  I hope it yields a great ancestry harvest for her.

Such a day of genealogy success doesn’t happen all that frequently– but I am already anticipating the next one.  If it were my choosing, it will be finding more on the Irish ancestors.

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3 Responses to Ready for the Harvest

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Whew! Great work Mary:)

  2. Karen says:

    Your discoveries are coming “fast and furious”! It sounds like a fruitful harvest today!

  3. ljhlaura says:

    Days like this can encourage us when we are plodding along through difficult research and hitting brick walls … eventually it can result in a harvest like this one. I’m glad for your successes!

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