Memories of the Trip (One Year Later)

The one year anniversary of a wonderful trip to Germany my husband and I took is rapidly approaching. It was truly the genealogy trip of a life time. I expect it could never be repeated to such an extent as we experienced.

The memories of visiting “The Homeland” where so many of our ancestors lived are still with us. All of it would not have been possible without the great planning and assistance from Jane and Jens, Anke and Hinrich. They were marvelous!

What is it that makes traveling to the land of our ancestors so precious? Maybe it is stepping back in history and feeling so close to the lives they led and experiences they had. It was as if we were touching their world and environment.

For a long time we had contemplated making such a trip and then the events of 9/11 occurred and we stepped back from our plans. Emotionally we were not ready to embark on such a journey.

But time moved forward and we established contact with friends and relatives in Germany. They were guests in our home and invited us to visit them, assuring us we’d be welcome.

Then we were invited to join a group from Grundy County, Iowa, to go to Germany … and it was the perfect time to embark on the trip.

Preparations took almost six months and Jens sent many emails and made phone calls on our behalf to Klaus to put all the detail in place.  I can only imagine the tremendous  work he and the three others did to make our trip so enjoyable, always keeping in mind what it was we wanted to do and see.

Regrets?  Absolutely, none!   We are so glad we made the trip.  Expensive?  A little, but we remember not what we spent but what it was we experienced and the people and relatives we met.

In retrospect, I would urge anyone with a genuine interest to consider seriously taking that trip abroad to the lands where their family emigrated.   With some carefully laid plans, you likely will not regret it.

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1 Response to Memories of the Trip (One Year Later)

  1. ljhlaura says:

    How wonderful… I look forward to being able to make those trips to my ancestors’ countries of origin myself some day … Thank you for sharing your experience.

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