42 Years (and More to Come)

My husband Jim and I recently celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.  And, yes, the years have gone by very quickly from the early days of Jim finishing his graduate program and our first apartment.  We paid $95 monthly rent for a basement one bedroom apartment!  [At that time I also worked in a basement laboratory.  We’re talking real basement with small windows.   Since I worked until 6 p.m. mine was a dark world during the winter months.]

After our first year of marriage, we moved to Ames, Iowa and rented a duplex for several years.  The next door neighbors, Rick and Amy, were marvelous neighbors and actually provided a connection to Jim’s many years as an insurance agent and mine in the library field.

Our marriage was blessed with the arrival of our daughter Naomi in 1979.  What a joy she has been in our lives.  Married now to Ryan, we wish them the same joys and opportunities we have had.

What was unique about our 42nd wedding anniversary?  Well, we were privileged to share it with Naomi and Ryan and that made it very special.

There was one humorous element though: it looks like Jim and I are developing very similar tastes:  we gave each other duplicate cards for our anniversary.  Now that’s compatibility!

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2 Responses to 42 Years (and More to Come)

  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple, on 42 years of marriage. Through thick and thin, you’ve weathered each test given you, and come through with strength and honor. We are very blessed to have known you, and to have had you as such close friends over the last 37 years, that you we consider you “family”.

  2. Mary Ann Black says:

    Congratulations to you both on 42 years of marriage. The same card/ now THAT is amazing! Well, you are a super couple and absolutely one of the most active retired couples we know. You two never slow down. Wishing you many more happy years together!

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