Researching With Traditional and Online Sources

“Oh, I never use the Internet for genealogy research.”
“All genealogy research is online so I never go to a court-house or library.”

These opposing viewpoints certainly represent different approaches to doing family history research.  In my experience, both traditional (library, court-house, archives, newspapers) methods and online research has provided the most accurate  results.

We knew from family stories that my husband’s grandfather, Jacob J. Lohr (1875-1952) had remarried after the death of his first wife, Helena Lellman.   His second wife, Alma Berg, lived in Newell, South Dakota, and had a son named Martin.

I’ve always been curious to learn more about Alma, but time and distance and expenses have kept me from pursuing this further.  But today was a “new day” in genealogy discovery and that curiosity was begging to be satisfied.

Starting with,  I found Alma and Jacob listed in the 1940 census living in Newell, SD.  Ancestry also had other records and links so after a relatively short time, I had the date of Jacob and Alma’s marriage, Alma’s birth and death dates, the name of her first husband as well as his dates of birth and death, date of death of Alma’s son Martin, and burial places.  Quite a bit of information for a few hours work!

By first analyzing what information had been passed down verbally to us, and then checking sources online (including census images, draft registrations, etc.) I was able first to verify the family story was accurate, and, then extend and obtain the information I was seeking.  The conclusion was finding a memorial (photo) of the tombstone of Alma and her first husband George on

Thanks to traditional and online resources, my curiosity (on this puzzle) has been satisfied!

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