Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you and Mrs. Claus have had a good year.

I have been a good, i.e. well-behaved, genealogist this year. Here is my “would like to have” list for Christmas:

1. More time to get everything done. I thought that would automatically happen in retirement, but so far that hasn’t been the case.

2. More information on the siblings of my great-grandfather John Schwans. Did any of their descendents ever immigrate to the USA?

3. I really like to know more about Theresa Albers Schaefers, first wife of my great-grandfather John Schaefers. Every lead I’ve pursued has been a dead-end.

4. Would you have room in your sleigh for some fresh ideas I might use in newsletter articles for our local genealogy society?

5. And, do you have any “luck of the Irish” you could slip into my Christmas stocking so I could make some serious progress on my husband’s Irish ancestry? Those Irish can be down right difficult to track down.

6. And a little Christmas magic (along with my antivirus software) to keep my computer running smoothly for the foreseeable future would be really nice.

7. RootsMagic has an app for IOS, but since I’m an Android user, it would be really nice to have a version for my Droid table.

Thanks, Santa. I’ll leave the milk, cookies and genealogy charts out for you.

Your friend,
Mary Lohr

About maryjlohr

Avid genealogist.
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2 Responses to Letter to Santa

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    Very clever, Mary! We hope you receive all your requests from Santa. Maybe we can help with “luck ‘o the Irish”, since Dan is half Irish and that’s my nickname. 🙂

  2. ljhlaura says:

    What a creative idea for a genealogy blog post! Hope Santa brings at least some of what you want …

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