The Genealogy Findings Continue

Anyone researching their family history usually experiences two phases: the first round of ancestors may be relatively easy to find if the family kept good records or lived for many years in one area; the second phase may be less productive after the low-hanging fruit has been harvested and the research becomes more challenging. But even then, a seasoned researcher will learn that patience pays … sometimes to yield productive results years later.

How about 150 years later? That has happened in the Groeneveld branch of my family. The annual Groeneveld Family Newsletter has recently been published and translated into English (courtesy of Anke Groeneveld).  Dr. Albert Groeneveld noted new information on the Grosswolde branch had been discovered: Geerd Nannen Groeneveld had emigrated to The Netherlands.

The significance of this finding for me is that he was the older brother of my great-great-grandfather, Heye Nannen Groeneveld who emigrated to Illinois (later to Iowa) in the 1850s.  The children of Geerd Nannen Groeneveld would be my fourth cousins.  And down through the generations, his descendents would be more distantly related, but now I am very curious to learn more.  Did this branch of the family stay in The Netherlands?  Did any emigrate to the United States?

Dr. Albert Groeneveld has stated more details on this family will be forthcoming.  I am eagerly awaiting for the next issue of the Groeneveld Family Newsletter in about a year.  That seems like a very long time, but in the context of 150 years since the brothers Geerd Nannen and Heye Nannen took separate paths, twelve months is a relatively brief period.

And, just to really make things really interesting, there was a sister, Elske Nannen Groeneveld, born 17 Aug. 1816 in Neermoor, Germany.  I have no further information on her– but can only hope it will not be another 150 years before her story is told.

Patience, patience!


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2 Responses to The Genealogy Findings Continue

  1. Pat says:

    Very interesting, Mary. I will continue checking this blog. Thanks!

  2. Mary Ann Black says:

    Patience is a Virtue 🙂

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