Update: The Genealogy Findings Continue

Twelve months of waiting to learn about Geerd Nannen Groeneveld has been compressed into only a few weeks, thanks to my German cousin Hinrich Groenevled.  He has graciously sent me the updated information on that branch of my Groeneveld family.  Oh, the benefits of email, the Internet, and global communication!  (Not to mention a dedicated family genealogist, willing and eager to share information.  Thank you, Hinrich!)

It turns out descendents of Geerd Nannen Groeneveld are still living in The Netherlands, about six generations descended from our common ancestor.  This is completely new information to me and was compiled by what I estimate is about a seventh or eighth cousin.  Such is the power of connection when people are interested in tracing their ancestry.  The story continues and the research is evolving.

And it seems for every genealogy question answered, more are generated: the brothers Geerd Nannen Groeneveld and Heye Nannen Groeneveld had a sister, Elske Nannen Groeneveld, born 17 Aug. 1816 at Neermoor.   Trying to find information on her is my next challenge!  (A trip to Wellsburg, Iowa may be in the planning to check the ortsippenbuchs (OSB)).


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