Undated Lohr Photo


In this photo are Regina (Hoffman) Lohr (1882-1954) and Michael Lohr (1872-1946).

Photo is undated.  Some clues for estimating the date: the car is a Model A (manufactured 1928-1931), although the cars were still in use well past that time.  The car appears to have some “dings and dents” above the rear fender, so it’s probably not brand new.  Regina appears to be wearing silk stockings which likely would not have been available in World War II due to rationing.  Regina’s hat looks to me about late 1920 or early 1930s style.  I can’t get any clues from her fur coat.  Michael appears to quite tall and standing fairly straight.

My “guesstimate” is the photo dates between 1932-1938.

Does anyone else have any clues or suggestions?


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One Response to Undated Lohr Photo

  1. I am not a photo detective, HOWEVER, I have had an unusual experience. When I was googling my grandmother, I discovered a photo analyst had my grandma’s baby photo and could tell a lot about her just by examining the photo. Here is the link to a blog she wrote after I contacted her so you see what I’m talking about (http://www.shadesofthedeparted.com/2011/05/shades-and-overstuffed-baby-make.html) The online magazine she publishes is fascinating and I’ve learned quite a bit just by browsing through it. I hope this helps!

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