So Well Remembered

One of the highlights of our German trip (September 2011) was meeting family relatives for the first time. In Rommerskirchen, we were honored guests in the home of Anna and Herbert Schwenke. Although we spoke with the aid of translators, their warmth and hospitality came through. Their outpouring of hospitality made us feel very welcome.

Recently we were informed of the sudden death of Herbert Schwenke (1936-2013). It was sad day for us, but we also remembered his gentle manner and kindness.  May he rest in peace.

06Herbert Schwenke

Herbert Schwenke

29RB10 Anna& Herbert Schwenke

Anna and Herbert Schwenke


Guests in the Schwenke home.

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4 Responses to So Well Remembered

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    We are very sorry to hear of the death of Herbert Schwenke. You were so pleased to meet him and his family, and to visit in their home. You will always have wonderful memories from that time with them.

  2. auntyuta says:

    We were on a trip to Germany from September to November 2012, meeting a lot of our relatives and old friends. We’ve lived for more than fifty years in Australia, but we both grew up in Berlin. I am very interested in family history. For instance I was thrilled when I discovered my grandfather’s burial place in Leipzig. He died in 1947 aged 72.
    I have good memories about having been able to see my cousin Renate Voss in Berlin in June 2010. In September 2012 we received the sad news that she had died. She was 86.. We arranged then to go to her urn burial in Munich.
    It’s beautiful you were able to get to know Herbert Schwenke. I am sorry you did get such sad news now.
    Sincerely, Uta.

  3. Mary Ann Black says:

    Mary, I remember you telling me about your nice visit with Herbert Schwenke and his family. So sorry to hear this news. I am happy you have such great memories and pictures of your visit with him!

  4. Jeanee T says:

    Mary, This reminded me so much of my last visit to Germany. I had searched for over 20 years for my great-grandfather and when I finally found him, I wrote to the village church and found out there were still relatives on that farm. When I went to visit, I PLANNED to have time for some church pix and visiting, but they took me all around the area and showed me off as their relative from America!
    They treated me like royalty. Sadly, both brothers have since died, so it was pure serendipity that I found them when I did.

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