A Change of Pace


In our retirement, my husband and I have decided to downsize a bit and simplify our life. We think the home pictured above will allow us to do just that!

Actually,  this is a photo I took of the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC during a recent visit.  The house is truly magnificent, but not if you want to simplify your life!  Jim and I were on a two-week trip through the southeastern part of the United States and did find the experience of traveling and sight-seeing very relaxing.  The trip went almost flawlessly thanks to the Jim’ superb planning.   I did most of the driving and was only honked at twice for doing something stupid.  (One irate driver did pass me and attempt to slam on his car brakes, but fortunately I anticipated his action and did not rear-end him.)

However, I did have one near-panic moment when my cell phone could not “establish service.”  Certain that I had paid the latest bill, it was reassuring to check my account online (using a computer) to see that was indeed the case.  Further checking on my cell phone revealed I’d selected “airplane mode” accidentally.  Whoo!  Heart failure averted.

The cell phones were helpful for phone calls to stay in touch with family and friends, but in addition, came to our rescue when our camera batteries died and also with the navigation app when we were lost.  Without the latter, I might still be driving aimlessly in Chattanooga or Asheville!

Among other sites we toured were the USS North Carolina, a Civil War museum, an Appalachian museum, a coal-mining museum, and Oak Ridge, TN.  We also visited a niece and her husband, took in part of a great-nephew’s Lacrosse game, sampled excellent cuisine, and touched base with friends in Indiana.

And the trip served another purpose: I took a much-needed break from doing anything remotely related to genealogy.   My genealogy thought process definitely needed a little R and R and to that end, this trip was definitely a success.  I came back refreshed and ready to undertake more genealogy research and tackle several long-term projects.

During our trip, we had our mail held at the post office and then delivered on the day we arrived home.  Now I have a great idea to save time:  going through two weeks’ worth of accumulated mail did not take nearly as much time as dealing with it on a daily basis.  So my time-saving idea would be just to look at mail on a two-week basis … it’s definitely easier to toss the junk stuff!  The one drawback is that important material might be overlooked.  Then the next time my cell phone cannot “establish service” the reason could be an unpaid bill.  On further thought, maybe this isn’t a workable idea after all!


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2 Responses to A Change of Pace

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Sounds like a fabulous trip Mary and JIm!

  2. Karen Engesser says:

    What a fun time, to get away and see new sites in our beautiful country. Many years ago, after we visited the Biltmore Estates, our daughter posted a picture of the mansion on her Home Page, under the header, “My home!”. We all had some fun over that. I’ll bet, 20 some years later, she’s glad she’s not responsible for the expenses, staff, cleaning and maintenance of that home!

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