Almost Gave Up…

Through the years of dong genealogy research, one of my frustrations has been trying, without success, to find the parents of my third great-grandmother, Susanna Resch.  She was born 10 Dec 1796 in Bour, Luxembourg, and married Nicholas Ernster.  Both of them are buried at Luxembourg, Iowa.  Susanna died in 10 October, 1870.

Every search I tried turned up nothing but a dead end.  Iowa did not begin official registration of deaths until 1880 and I could not find an obituary for her.  So I gave it a rest and concentrated my efforts elsewhere.

Then while browsing her name on, I noticed one researcher had the names of her parents recorded as Frederic Risch and Catharine Bour!    Wow, maybe my first break in the case.  I sent an email to the “owner” of the submitted family tree, but he had no other information.  BUT, I noticed one of the submissions to the site had the marriage date of Nicolas and Susanna as 13 July 1818 in Waldbrediums, Luxembourg.  So, being somewhat logical, I borrowed the LDS film # 0425133 from the FamilySearch library.

Almost at the end of the film I found this record:


The writing is a challenge to read but I can tell it is the marriage record for Susanna Risch and Nicholas Ernster!  His parents are given as Joannes Ernster and A. Marie Delfeld (which corresponds with what I had earlier), and her parents are identified as Frederic Risch and Catherine Bour!  Hurray!  My early searching had Susanna’s surname as Resch but this version has it as Risch.

It doesn’t take much to make this genealogist happy!

Now I can’t help but ponder who the parents were of Frederic and Catherine!  But that’s a search (challenge, problem) for another time.  Right now I am just elated to have found this record.


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2 Responses to Almost Gave Up…

  1. Mary Ann Black says:


  2. Karen Engesser says:

    You are definitely allowed to be elated, Mary! Congratulations on one mystery solved!

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