Caroline Nipp and William Naescher

Photograph of Caroline Nipp (my great-grandmother) and William Naescher.

Caroline Nipp and William Naescher

This photo was recently sent to me by a third cousin.  Caroline Nipp was my great-grandmother and is pictured here with her first husband, William Naescher.  After his death she married John Schaefers.  She passed away shortly after giving birth to my grandfather and this is the first photo I have ever seen of her.  And a particular gift is that it arrived on the 53rd anniversary of the death of my grandfather!  An amazing genealogy gift!

Caroline and William were married in 1879 in Guttenburg, Iowa.  This may be a wedding portrait.  I wonder what photo William is holding!


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5 Responses to Caroline Nipp and William Naescher

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    Links seem to be dropping into your lap, Mary. All your previous hard work is paying off!

  2. Pat says:

    Mary, this is a meaningful photo to me. I can even see some family resemblance from our great grandmother Caroline. Nice post.

  3. What a wonderful gift! If anyone is interested in continuing research into the historic family of Nipp/Knipp, please see, Or, if you’re a male, please consider becoming a part of the YDNA research project. Information can be found at:

  4. Jo-Anne Eilers says:

    My name is Jo-Anne Eilers. Caroline [Schaefer} Eilers was my husband’s grandmother. We have many pieces of Aunt Jullita’s art and correspondance with Caroline and her husband George.,Also some photos of visits to Hannah and her family. A cousin sent the photo of Caroline Nipp and William Naescher to an aunt who passed it onto my husband.. We are curious about a brother Frank who was born with deformed legs . Sr Julitta makes no mention of him in her memoirs. I would like to share information with you. Jo-Anne

    • maryjlohr says:

      Frank X. Schaefers was born Clayton County, Iowa, 4 February 1873 to John Schaefers and Theresa Albers. His legs were not developed below his knees. He was a carpenter by trade and built his own sod house at Burdock, South Dakota. He died 21 February 1952 and is buried at Edgemont Cemetery, Fall River, South Dakota.
      He was never married. He is remembered for returning for “40 Hours Devotions” to St. Martin’s Catholic Church in Emery, South Dakota, for many ears.

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