A Budding Genealogist?

Things like this warm the heart of a genealogist:

Today I called a nephew who lives in another state to ask if he would be willing to take a few photos in a cemetery where some of our ancestors are interred.  He gladly agreed to do so … and then added, “I’ll take Rachel along since she likes to explore cemeteries.”

Bells went off in my head:  this is exactly how I started my interest in genealogy at approximately the age my grandniece is now!  Could she be on her way to developing as the next family historian?  What can I do to help her?

Well, as long as she is already going to explore the cemetery with her dad anyway, I am going to list the other relatives who are also buried there and tell how they are related.  Maybe she will be my successor and keeper of all things genealogy!

A youthful interest in genealogy is not to be wasted!


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Avid genealogist.
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3 Responses to A Budding Genealogist?

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    Maybe she will carry on your legacy, Mary. However, it will be very difficult to match all the wonderful, loving times when you helped others to trace their roots, or assisted in educating others to delve into their pasts.

  2. Mary Ann Black says:

    Yours are big shoes to fill Mary but it is sure fun to think about isn’t it:)

  3. chmjr2 says:

    Yes by all means send her the information. They may or may not do any genealogy in their life but they will have that information. Perhaps they will give it to a family member that come along after you and they may be the genealogist. I have given family information to anyone that has shown an interest in it. It is just one way to keep the story moving forward.

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