St. Ansgar Parish, rural Lily, South Dakota

Blog reader Jim Westby sent this photo of St. Ansgar Lutheran Church, taken mid 1930s.  The church was closed in 1932 but this appears to be a work day to clean the yard.  Grass has been mowed on the side of the fence where the cars are parked and it appears the horses are hitched to a mower to complete the job.  After St. Ansgars ceased functioning as a congregation, the building served as a township meeting hall.

St. Ansgar Church

Years later the building was torn down and this monument was erected:

(My husband’s grandfather Nels A. Hanson (1858-1916) donated the land for the church and cemetery.)

06 - St. Ansgar Memorial stonhe



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4 Responses to St. Ansgar Parish, rural Lily, South Dakota

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Interesting story and great pics too!

  2. Karen Engesser says:

    Mary, I loved reading about the old church, and it’s history. Thanks for sharing.

  3. dave swain says:

    Any info on the Anderson stone marker in the cemetery? Thanks!!

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