Descendants of Goran Hansson of Lily, South Dakota

With a current population of four, the tiny town of Lily, South Dakota is still generating interest. Beverly L. recently sent these two photos of former residents:

Bengt (Ben G.) and Lena (Britta Serine Eriksdatter Haugland Oakland) Hanson

Bengt (Ben) Hanson, born 17 Dec 1866 Burlof, Malmohus Ian, Sweden; immigrated 1887; married Lena Britta Serine Eriksdatter Haugland Oakland 30 Dec. 1889 in Webster, Day County, South Dakota.  Bengt died 16 November 1930 in Summerville, Silverdale, Koochiching County, Minnesota.  Lena was born 23 Dec 1862 in Norway; died 6 Jan 1909 in Milaca, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota.

Andrew L. and Benedikta (Betty Hanson) NygaardAndrew L. Nygaard, born 27 July 1871 Larsnes, Norway; immigrated 1890-1891; married 20 September 1895; died 8 February 1956 in Clark County, South Dakota. Benedikta (Betty) Hanson, born 13 April 1878 in Burlof, Malmohus Ian, Sweden; immigrated 20 April 1893; died 4 February 1946 in Bradley, South Dakota.

Bengt and Benedikta were brother and sister.  They were the children of Goran (Joran) Hansson and Kerstin Chastka Bengtsdotter.  (For the truly curious, Goran was a brother to Andrew (Anders) Hansson, my husband’s great-grandfather.)


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One Response to Descendants of Goran Hansson of Lily, South Dakota

  1. Sandi Gohmann says:

    Hi Fellow Relative
    I have been writing my father’s (Lester William Peterson) life history in Mille Lacs County, MN
    Magnus Petterson and Elizabeth (Hansson) are my Great Grandparents.
    Their Son William W. Peterson was my Grandfather (Clara Sackriason – spelled many ways) was my Grandmother.
    I also have the information about Goran and Chastka as Elizabeth’s parents.
    I knew they llived in Day County in South Dakota and know more about the family members that came to Mille Lacs County, MN but was having problems finding information on Bengt – married to Britha erine Eriksdotter, Elna, Anna, Hanna – maried to Charles Johnson and Benedikta – married to Andrew Nygaard.
    I just happened upon your information and it helps a lot.
    Do you have any information on the above names for spouses of Elna or Anna? Addition of dates for marriages, deaths, place of burials? Were Lena and Bengt burried near each other? – Forest Hill Cemetery in Milaca or the Brookside Cemetery near Milaca?
    We didn’t know what had happened to much of the Hansson family…would love to hear more!!!!!

    Sandi (Peterson) Gohmann from St.Cloud, MN
    e mai address:

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