Honoring Jerry Lohr

Family and friends of Jerry and Jolene Lohr recently gathered to celebrate the naming ceremony of the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering and construction celebration for the Architecture, Math & Engineering Building at South Dakota State University. The day, October 4, had been proclaimed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard as Jerome J. Lohr Day in South Dakota.

Jerry Lohr

Jerry Lohr entered SDSU in the fall of 1954 and majored in civil engineering. He is also the founder of JLohr Vineyards & Wines of San Jose, California.




As a nephew commented, “It’s nice to gather for a celebration.”  And a very nice celebration it was.  Cousins who had not seen each other for several years were able to visit and reconnect.

The ceremony was held in Lincoln Music Hall.  That building has special memories for me since it formerly housed the Briggs Library, my place of employment for three years as a student.  (And I learned for the first time that two of my sister-in-laws had also worked at the library.)  The reading room has given way to the Peterson Recital Hall and the former reference room was transferred, at least temporarily, as a banquet room for the Lohr, Johnson, and Barber families.

We are grateful for all Jerry’s contributions to South Dakota State University.  He has indeed been a leader in contributing to and creating a “culture of giving” at SDSU (“HurraH for the Yellow and Blue.”)  Thanks, Jerry, many students and alumni have benefited from your generosity!


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One Response to Honoring Jerry Lohr

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    It is wonderful that Jerry has been able to financially support SDSU, and that he has chosen to do so. We have enjoyed reading your tribute to him, and appreciate your sharing the SDSU event in your blog. Very nice…

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