Introducting the Newest Member of My Family Tree




Little Ava Jeanette Meeks made her entrance into the world on February 21, 2014, weighing in at 7 pounds, one ounce, and measuring 18 3/4 inches long.  She is precious, sweet, and beautiful.

Pictured above are Ava with her  parents Naomi and Ryan Meeks and the family “guard dog”, Junior (who has become very protective of Ava in a big-brother type of way).

Within the past few weeks I’ve attended several events marking various life transitions: a visitation for the passing of the 100 year friend of a mother; a retirement of a former coworker; and a birthday celebration of another friend.  Each of these is a passage of life … but the most hopeful, optimistic and joyful is clearly the birth of a grandchild! 

Welcome to the world, little Ava Jeanette Meeks.  We’ve been waiting for you.



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3 Responses to Introducting the Newest Member of My Family Tree

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    Congratulations to Naomi, Ryan, and proud/happy Grandparents, Mary and Jim! Ava Jeanette is beautiful, and we are very pleased she has safely arrived into such a lovely family. With genealogist, Mary, as a Grandma, Ava is guaranteed to be able to trace her roots as far back as humanly possible! We are really happy for you all. Love, Dan and Karen Engesser

  2. Beverly lehman says:

    Congratulations Mary on becoming a Grandma. How wonderful!

  3. Evelyn (Schaefers) Waldron says:

    Congratulations Mary; what a beautiful family !!!!!

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