Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2014 has been a wonderful day for me.  First, of all because Jim and I raised the most wonderful daughter, Naomi, and we enjoy an excellent relationship with her.  And there was an extra blessing this year when Ava Jeanette Meeks was born to Naomi and Ryan.  So we’re enjoying this “Grandparents Thing” and are beginning to understand why grandparents can be a bit silly sometimes.

And this year my husband, Jim, gave me a very special present when he restored the child’s cupboard pictured below.  This cupboard was built by my grandfather John Schaefers for my mother Julitta, probably in the early 1920s.  My sister Pat and I used it as children and I have memories of many happy hour of playing with our toy dishes and it.

The cupboard has been made the rounds of various nieces that had it, beginning in the mid-1970s.  Now the cupboard has come into my possession, but it had shown signs of wear after almost 90 years.

My husband patiently and lovingly sanded it, removed the (probably original) paint, made repairs, and repainted it.  Now it looks exactly as I remember it from my childhood!

What a lovely gift this has been!  Thank you, Jim!



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3 Responses to Celebrating Mother’s Day

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    What a treasure Mary/ just BEAUTIFUL! Happy Mothers Day💝

  2. Merlene says:

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! Jim: You done good! (I know that is not proper English, but that is what we probably would have said back “in the days”.) I had a similar gift from my Uncle – one year for Christmas he made my cousin and I; his nieces; who played together constantly, a little table and a cupboard. I don’t know what happened to the cupboard, which actually belonged to my cousin, Karen, but I kept the table which was very sturdily built and used it for all sorts of things over the years and finally after 50 years gave it back to one of his daughters who was delighted to receive it!

  3. Karen Engesser says:

    You are a truly great mom and deserve every one of those blessings, Mary. You are right about your amazing daughter, Naomi, as well. How did Dan and I do keeping Jim’s secret?!? We are glad your Mothers’ Day has been wonderful.

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