Memories of Christmas Trees

Ah, tis the season of Christmas trees … and memories of those trees.

Growing up, we always had a Christmas tree.  It was a “real” tree, not an artificial one.  (And, no, we never had a metallic tree with the revolving light display.)

Before the trimming of the tree could commence, there were two requisite preparations, the first was getting the tree to stand straight so the spine wasn’t crooked.  But what tree has a perfectly straight posture?  So this task would involve my Dad adjusting the tree in the floor stand and my Mother making the final decision as to when it looked “right.”

(And there was the Christmas when my mother-in-law was convinced the tree was not straight, so my husband called a hasty conference of those present and we all agreed to lean about 45 degrees to the right.  Then we called my mother-in-law back into the room, and with all of us bent at the same angle proclaimed, “The tree looks straight to us!”)

The second monumental job was to ensure any bare side of the tree was turned to the wall.  So it was more rotating the tree by my Dad to get the best side facing the room.  No simple task as everyone had a different opinion of which was the best side of the tree.

At last the tree was positioned perfectly, straight in appearance and best side displayed.   Tannenbaum was ready to be decorated.

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One Response to Memories of Christmas Trees

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Lots of good imagery in your story Mary. You do just a great job!

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