Christmas Films

Of all the assorted Christmas films and TV specials, my favorite is Frosty, the Snowman.  The reason for that is simple– Frosty was the first Christmas special I watched with our daughter Naomi.

She was about two and a half and probably did not grasp the entire story, but she did ask repeatedly afterward, “Why Karen cried?”

This was back in the days predating flat screen TVs, high definition television, and surround sound.  If memory serves me correctly, we had one, and only one, television set at the time which was an a 12 inch black and white TV I had purchased, pre-marriage,  for the grand sum of $79.  It was bought on credit and I made six monthly payments.  The final payment was made with a great sense of accomplishment!

To this day, Frosty is still my very favorite Christmas film (although The Christmas Story–a/k/a “You’ll shoot your eye out, Kid”– is in second place).

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3 Responses to Christmas Films

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Christmas Story is tradition at our house.

  2. Pat says:

    Frosty is a great one, but the Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid”) wins hands down in our household.

  3. Amy says:

    Mary, I am really enjoying your Christmas blogs. They are bringing back many fond memories, and you brought our Aunt Martha to life in a previous blog. A Christmas Story makes me laugh each time I see it, but those movies we have shared with our children do hold a special place in one’s heart (for me it is Beauty and the Beast, the first movie I watched with Kayla).

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