Keeping Up With the (Digital) Times

Changes abound:

*typewriters have given way to computers

*landlines are being replaced by cell phones

*videocassettes gave way to DVDs which are being supplemented by online streaming

*and vinyl records, while still available, are becoming rare and were replaced mostly by CDs which are being replacing by mp3 players and online players … and the list goes on.

And then there are, or more accurately, were cameras that had film.  But digital photography  had largely replaced film.  Indeed, there are exceptions to all of these and I experienced  that when cleaning an all too forgotten drawer recently.  I came across a disposable camera.  That’s the kind that used to be quite popular for taking outdoor amateur pictures.  The film was enclosed in a cardboard type of camera which, when all the pictures had been taken, was then returned to have the film developed.  The camera was part of the package and was a single use item.

I had absolutely no idea what was on the film but was surprised and pleased to find these two photos included.   Looking at the photos, it appears they were taken in approximately 1994 or 1995.  The location was Logan Dam in Clark County, South Dakota.  This dam was a WPA project in the 1930s and the idea was water retention.  My husband grew up on a farm very close to this dam and has memories of spending Sunday afternoons fishing and swimming there.  Some of the area around the dam is now covered with prairie grass in middle to late summer.

The developed pictures were very light (probably due to the age of the film) so I scanned a few of them and tried to adjust and “correct” the color but was only marginally successful.

The first photo is of our daughter Naomi and the second is a view of the dam.  (It was a typical windy day in South Dakota.)

Lesson learned:  next time don’t wait twenty years to have a roll of film developed!  Technology almost by-passed me on this one.

Logan Testt 3.tifLogan Test2


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2 Responses to Keeping Up With the (Digital) Times

  1. Mary Ann Black says:

    Mary, nicely written story on your latest surprise discovery / find!

  2. Jeanee Thompson says:

    And, Mary, don’t forget, the latest craze is returning to vinyl record albums! I think of all the Beatles, Elvis and Stones albums I donated when we moved and just cringe. Now they are selling a record player that mimics the look of the portable ‘suitcase’ type that we had as children.

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