John Schaefers Home near Clayton, South Dakota

Readers of my blog may remember the excerpts from the autobiography of Sister Julitta (Mary) Naescher that I posted earlier.  In her writings, S. Julitta recounted her early home life and memories of happy years before the death of her parents at an early age.  Recently Bob E., a second cousin, generously shared these photos of the Schaefers family home which was located just north of Clayton, South Dakota.

S. Julitta painted these first two pictures.  The original painting hung for many years in the living room of my grandparents, John and Leona Schaefers.

Capture 1 Capture2

You can see the vivid and accurate details that S. Julitta captured as evidenced by the photos below.  The persons in these photos are from left: Johanna, John, Caroline, their father John Schaefers, and their brother Frank Schaefers.  The second photo is a close up of the persons in the first photo.

Capture3 Capture4


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5 Responses to John Schaefers Home near Clayton, South Dakota

  1. Merlene says:

    You make such good use of the programs on the computer – I will keep trying to learn some of your secrets! That was a most interesting story! Merlene

  2. Karen Engesser says:

    It is really wonderful to have such beautiful pictures of family history, homes, and lives of your ancestors! Dan & I admire your dedication to discovery and preservation of that history for future family you may never meet, but who will, hopefully, treasure the results of all your efforts.

  3. Mary Ann Black says:

    Beautifully written Mary! Love the pictures.

  4. Pat says:

    These things are those that I treasure, Mary. I recognize the painted picture of the house, and had forgotten all about it hanging in our grandparents home.

  5. says:

    Good Morning

    I thought you would like to know. This picture Sr Julitta painted also hung in my Grandparents William and Anna Naescher’s house for many years. Then it went to my Uncle’s house who then gave it to my cousin who recently gave it to me. So now I proudly have it hanging in my house. It is a beautiful picture and a beautiful poem.

    Cleone Cozine

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