Photo Mysteries. .. Need Assistance

A few more photos from my cousin, Bob E.  We cannot identify all the members of this family.  Suggestions welcome!

This one MAY be the blended family of John Schaefers (1841-1917) and Nipp relatives.  The woman seated at the far right is Carolyn Schaefers (1891-1983), daughter of John Schaefers and Carolyn Nipp Naescher Schaefers (1958-1893).

Nipp family 1

This photo was identified as “Nipp Cousins.”  Seated center is Johanna “Hannah” Schaefers (1889-1958).  Standing right is her sister Caroline Schaefers (1891-1983).  We do not know the other women in the photo.

Nipp cousins

This one is most likely Frank Schaefers (1872-1952).

Frank Schaefers


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2 Responses to Photo Mysteries. .. Need Assistance

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Precious family photos to be in possession of Mary.

  2. says:

    I also have the family picture. It is in my unidentified file. There is no writing on it at all. It is nice to know who as least some of them are. I do have another picture from a later date which could possibly be the two couples in the back row. I thought perhaps they were Caroline Nipp’s brothers , but that would put them in the wrong generation. What era do you think this picture was taken?

    Cleone Cozine

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