Boss, Nipp, Naescher, or Schaefers Relatives?

If you are researching descendants of Alois Nipp and Johanna Boss, John and Josephine Naescher, William Naescher and Caroline Nipp, Franciscus (Franz) Schaefers and Helena Leiffel, or John Schaefers and Caroline Nipp, then you may be interested in a Facebook Group I have created.

The name of the group (not surprisingly!) is Boss, Nipp, Naescher, Schaefers Genealogy. To keep the discussion on topic and avoid spam, the group is a closed one. Click the “Join Group” button if these families are your ancestors.

Here is the direct link:

Members of the Boss, Nipp, and Naescher families originated in Liechtenstein and emigrated to eastern Iowa in the early 1850s. Many of them migrated to South Dakota in the 1880s.

The Schaefers family originated from the Holtheim area of Germany. They also settled in eastern Iowa, especially Clayton County, in the 1860s. Descendants still live there as well as many other states, including South Dakota and Oregon.

I have previously blogged about members of these families and a query in the search box on this site will help locate them if you’re interested.

Please join  the discussion on our Facebook group if these are your ancestors!

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