Land of My Fathers

These are images of land the Schwans family owned in Vreschen-Bokel, Germany.   I believe the land came into the family when Diedrich Schwans (my great-great-grandfather) married Anna Aits.  Most likely my great-grandfather John Schwans was born here in 1848 and also my grandfather Fred Schwans in 1872.  The land remained in the family until sometime after 1881 when it was sold.

These photos were taken in September 2011 on our visit to Germany.  Jens and Jane Delger helped us find the parcel of land.  Truly one of the highlights of my genealogy life!

27Land NEtoSE  27Land SWView (2) 27Land SWView +Trees 27Land SWView27Land NMidtoSE

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3 Responses to Land of My Fathers

  1. Indeed a highlight in genealogy…place is so important …almost get a glimpse of our kinfolk traipsing through their daily chores! Thanks, Mary.

  2. Karen Engesser says:

    Our roots are so basic to who we are, as you well know, Mary. We love these pictures, remembering when you & Jim visited the area, a couple years ago. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mary Ann Black says:

    Remember when you made that special trip Mary and how touching it was for you! How time flies! Lifelong memories from that visit for sure,

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