Wasserburg in Anstel, Germany

Anstel Plate

This plate was a gift from my husband Jim’s relatives when we visited them in Rommerskirchen, Germany in 2011.  Unfortunately, it did not make the journey back across the Atlantic in one piece.

With much patience, some good adhesive, and even more patience, Jim was able to do a wonderful job of repairing the plate as evidenced from this photo.

From my online searching, I’ve learned the Wasserburg dates back to the year 1155 … well before any dates in my researched genealogy!  You can read more about it at


Currently it is in use as an equestrian center and is owned by the Jochemich family.  It has been in their family four generations.

Jim’s great-great-grandmother, Barbara Meurer, died in Anstel 15 July 1874.  Now Anstel is  part of the Rommerskirchen municipality.

We don’t know if Barbara Meurer ever saw the Wasserburg, but we are thrilled to have a souvenir from the area, thanks to Maria and Lothar.

And I am especially pleased my husband could salvage this plate so we could enjoy all the memories of that wonderful visit a few years ago.  (Did I mention it required much patience on his part?)


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1 Response to Wasserburg in Anstel, Germany

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    Mary, it is wonderful the primary picture is preserved, and that Jim had such great patience. However, it is a real shame the plate did not make it back in one piece. Still, you have all the memories of a beautiful trip.

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