Update on the town of Lily, South Dakota

In previous posts, I’ve blogged about the very small town of Lily, South Dakota.  My mother-in-law was born and raised there, along with her eleven siblings.  Her parents and grandparents are interred at St. Ansgar Lutheran Church Cemetery in rural Day County.  Some of her Johnson family relatives rest at the nearby Our Savior Lutheran Church Cemetery.

(You can find my blog posts about the town and Lily  Lutheran Church by entering the word Lily in the search box on this page.)

Today I learned the town of Lily will officially cease to exist in March 2017 because there are no permanent residents.   The details can be found at this link from the South Dakota Magazine:           http://www.southdakotamagazine.com/lily-lives#1

If you have a connection to Lily, you will want to read the article and view the amazing photos.

One of my favorite memories of the town was in  the fall of 1997 when my husband Jim and I took his mother, Frances Hanson Lohr to visit there.  It was her final trip to her hometown as Frances passed away the following year.

Farewell, O Little Town of Lily, South Dakota!

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3 Responses to Update on the town of Lily, South Dakota

  1. Wayne Brabender says:

    It always hurts to see small communities disappear. I live in a small town in Wisconsin. It’s called Ashton and it’s close enough to the capitol city of Madison that it won’t ever lack for citizens, but some day certainly could get swallowed up by development . . . a totally different problem than Lily’s, but the results are the same. Thanks for sharing this and all your other genealogy-based blog entries. My ancestors, and many of the ancestors in the Ashton area, all came from the Butzheim-Nettesheim-Rommerskirchen area of Germany back in the 1850s and 1860s. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the early pioneer families here. Would love to share information with you sometime.

  2. Karen Engesser says:

    I hate to see towns cease to exist, when they once were vibrant little communities. Just think of all the wonderful experiences that people had there, and the memories of those still living.

  3. Beverly Lehman from Bengt Hanson family says:

    Thank you Mary Lohr for passing this information along. A sad day to say goodbye to my Goren And Bengt Hanson family history memories. Beverly Lehman.

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