Serendipity Genealogy Finds

I’ve taken on a large project of going through my many genealogy files to clean up and downsize all the papers and extra “stuff.”  Among the minds was this transcribed “Auction Sale Bill of Okke Sievers.”  Okke (1882-1871) and his wife Dirtze janssen Huismann (1833-1869) came to the USA in 1869.  Due to sickness on the ship, Dirtze died in Grundy County, Iowa, a short time after their arrival.  Okke died two years later.  They are buried in German Township Cemetery in Grundy County, Iowa.  (They left several minor children children and that whole saga ended in a court battle–a subject for another blog article.)

This appear to be quite a list, and I wonder why the family emigrated since it appears they were not desperate.  Was it a desire for freedom?  A sense of adventure?  A sense of wanting a better opportunity?

     “Landowner Okke Sievers of Neermoor, who wants to immigrate to American has contracted with me to auction off his farm near Neermoor which consists of his house, building, and garden, 4 acres of farm land, grassland, various pieces of peoperty, 1 piece of low lying ground, peat land, 2 pews in the Church of Neermoor, also property rights to the burial plots in the Cemetery, other lands will be auctioned March 19, Saturday at 2:00 at the Tavern of Van Lingden in Leer.–Buttjer Auctioneer”

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  1. Pat Grohs says:

    Very interesting, Mary. Thanks for sharing.

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