“Trees To Tame the Wind”

This film, with a running time of about eleven minutes, describes the shelter belt and trees planted by Ed Casey in the 1930s as part of a project to protect the soil from erosion.

Ed Casey was the second husband of my grandmother Leona (Ernster) Schaefers.  Each had lost their previous spouse in about 1960.  They were married 2 January 1963.

(If the image is not clear, try viewing it in full-screen mode.)

Trees To Tame The Wind

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3 Responses to “Trees To Tame the Wind”

  1. Karen Engesser says:

    Very interesting video, and wonderful that you have a connection to the man who was responsible for the plantings.

  2. Dan Engesser says:


    The video was amazing. It’s demonstrates the amazing struggle and recovery. The picnic among the trees could be described as a THANKSGIVING DINNER. Thanks for sharing.



  3. Pat Grohs says:

    Mary, this was really neat. Very interesting and something I certainly didn’t know about Ed and his family. Thank you for posting it.

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