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By the Numbers: Counting the Ancestors

So how many direct ancestors do I have? It seems the answer would be an almost indeterminate number stretching back thousands of year. A more practical question is, how many ancestors have I correctly identified? Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

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Boss, Nipp, Naescher, or Schaefers Relatives?

If you are researching descendants of Alois Nipp and Johanna Boss, John and Josephine Naescher, William Naescher and Caroline Nipp, Franciscus (Franz) Schaefers and Helena Leiffel, or John Schaefers and Caroline Nipp, then you may be interested in a Facebook … Continue reading

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“I Recognize Those Names”

Keeping an open mind–and being prepared for finding answers in unexpected places–is a familiar adage to experienced genealogy researchers.  I saw an example of this in a recent day-long workshop that our local genealogy society presented. During the last session … Continue reading

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Two Serendipity Events

What person doesn’t enjoy a pleasant surprise? As a genealogy researcher, I love that “a-ha” moment of discovery, sometimes celebrated with what is known as the “genealogy happy dance.” Recently, there have been two very pleasant such events in my … Continue reading

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An Act of Gratitude

This beautiful wall hanging was given to me by a very kind woman whose ancestry I had researched a few years ago.  It has found a home in our dining area and is proudly displayed.  To me it speaks from … Continue reading

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Touring Etna Township, Hardin County, Iowa: Learning About the Early Ostfriesen Settlers

The Steamboat Rock Historical Society and the Ackley Heritage Center recently sponsored the third tour of ghost towns in Hardin County, Iowa.  Some of my roots go back to that area as my grandmother, Jeanette Sievers, was born in 1875 … Continue reading

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How Having a Birthday Helped Find My 7th Great-Grandparents

Adding another birthday candle to mark the number of years is an honored tradition.  Mine hasn’t quite reached the point where we need to put the local fire department on standby alert <yet.>  Besides, I prefer to think of celebrating … Continue reading

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