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By the Numbers: Counting the Ancestors

So how many direct ancestors do I have? It seems the answer would be an almost indeterminate number stretching back thousands of year. A more practical question is, how many ancestors have I correctly identified? Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

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Another BillionGraves Story

Our local genealogy society receives numerous research requests, some of which are to photograph a tombstone of an ancestor.  The biggest challenge in taking the photograph (other than picking a day when the weather conditions are favorable!) is locating the … Continue reading

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An Image Here and an Image There: a BillionGraves Tale

Last spring while I was off playing Grandmother, my husband Jim decided to take a “stay-cation” and found a project dear to the heart of any genealogist … photographing gravestones in area cemeteries.  (I suspect he has a few symptoms … Continue reading

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Coincidence Times Three

If you’ve read my two previous posting, you’ll recall my telling of some coincidences I’ve recently observed or experienced. Well, if events come in threes, I can attest to a third: This week I had two persons contact me for … Continue reading

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Two Serendipity Events

What person doesn’t enjoy a pleasant surprise? As a genealogy researcher, I love that “a-ha” moment of discovery, sometimes celebrated with what is known as the “genealogy happy dance.” Recently, there have been two very pleasant such events in my … Continue reading

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Dealing With Grief (not depressing)

Thank you to those readers who responded to me either via email or in the comments section concerning the posting about my friend Gretchen Triplett.  That blog article helped me deal with the grief and provided a tribute to Gretchen.  … Continue reading

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Gretchen Triplett, RIP

Today the Story County Genealogical Society lost a great friend in the passing of member Gretchen Triplett.  She was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor late last fall and passed away Jan. 9, 2014.  Up until her diagnosis, Gretchen was … Continue reading

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