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Lives and Memories of our Ancestors

Genealogy is certainly more than just names, dates, and places. However, the farther back in time, the fewer the stories and memories.  So I was delighted to come across this article sent to me by Marge. O. The following was … Continue reading

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Serendipity Genealogy Finds

I’ve taken on a large project of going through my many genealogy files to clean up and downsize all the papers and extra “stuff.”  Among the minds was this transcribed “Auction Sale Bill of Okke Sievers.”  Okke (1882-1871) and his … Continue reading

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Letters from Germany (1881-1919)

Letters From Germany When you’ve been researching your family ancestry for many years, the big discoveries don’t seem to come quite so fast as you continue the search. But recently I experienced one of the “golden events” that was, to … Continue reading

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Wasserburg in Anstel, Germany

This plate was a gift from my husband Jim’s relatives when we visited them in Rommerskirchen, Germany in 2011.  Unfortunately, it did not make the journey back across the Atlantic in one piece. With much patience, some good adhesive, and … Continue reading

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Land of My Fathers

These are images of land the Schwans family owned in Vreschen-Bokel, Germany.   I believe the land came into the family when Diedrich Schwans (my great-great-grandfather) married Anna Aits.  Most likely my great-grandfather John Schwans was born here in 1848 and … Continue reading

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Genealogy Jig

Time for the genealogy happy dance! One of the biggest genealogy challenges I’ve faced with my German ancestors is finding the village or town where they were born and lived.  The reason for needing this information is that there was … Continue reading

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Touring Etna Township, Hardin County, Iowa: Learning About the Early Ostfriesen Settlers

The Steamboat Rock Historical Society and the Ackley Heritage Center recently sponsored the third tour of ghost towns in Hardin County, Iowa.  Some of my roots go back to that area as my grandmother, Jeanette Sievers, was born in 1875 … Continue reading

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How Having a Birthday Helped Find My 7th Great-Grandparents

Adding another birthday candle to mark the number of years is an honored tradition.  Mine hasn’t quite reached the point where we need to put the local fire department on standby alert <yet.>  Besides, I prefer to think of celebrating … Continue reading

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So Well Remembered

One of the highlights of our German trip (September 2011) was meeting family relatives for the first time. In Rommerskirchen, we were honored guests in the home of Anna and Herbert Schwenke. Although we spoke with the aid of translators, … Continue reading

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Update: The Genealogy Findings Continue

Twelve months of waiting to learn about Geerd Nannen Groeneveld has been compressed into only a few weeks, thanks to my German cousin Hinrich Groenevled.  He has graciously sent me the updated information on that branch of my Groeneveld family.  … Continue reading

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