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Lives and Memories of our Ancestors

Genealogy is certainly more than just names, dates, and places. However, the farther back in time, the fewer the stories and memories.  So I was delighted to come across this article sent to me by Marge. O. The following was … Continue reading

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The Genealogy Findings Continue

Anyone researching their family history usually experiences two phases: the first round of ancestors may be relatively easy to find if the family kept good records or lived for many years in one area; the second phase may be less … Continue reading

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Memories of the Trip (One Year Later)

The one year anniversary of a wonderful trip to Germany my husband and I took is rapidly approaching. It was truly the genealogy trip of a life time. I expect it could never be repeated to such an extent as … Continue reading

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A Home With a History

When Jim and I were in Germany in September we had the pleasure to visit the home in Landschaftspolder of Hinrich Groeneveld’s parents, Diedrich and Hilde Groeneveld. We had refreshments in their beautiful garden (but it’s more like a park … Continue reading

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Groenevelds Galore

This two volume set called Die Groenevelds was a gift from one of the compilers, Hinrich Groeneveld of Moosburg, Germany.  (Hinrich and I share a long ancestral line and have documented we are eighth cousins.) This book, published in 2008 … Continue reading

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