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Coincidence Times Three

If you’ve read my two previous posting, you’ll recall my telling of some coincidences I’ve recently observed or experienced. Well, if events come in threes, I can attest to a third: This week I had two persons contact me for … Continue reading

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Two Serendipity Events

What person doesn’t enjoy a pleasant surprise? As a genealogy researcher, I love that “a-ha” moment of discovery, sometimes celebrated with what is known as the “genealogy happy dance.” Recently, there have been two very pleasant such events in my … Continue reading

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A Change of Pace

In our retirement, my husband and I have decided to downsize a bit and simplify our life. We think the home pictured above will allow us to do just that! Actually,  this is a photo I took of the Biltmore … Continue reading

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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, How are you? I hope you and Mrs. Claus have had a good year. I have been a good, i.e. well-behaved, genealogist this year. Here is my “would like to have” list for Christmas: 1. More time to … Continue reading

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Lohr Store in Abensberg

My friend Anke in Germany recently saw this store in Abensberg, about 62 miles north of Munich. Although the Lohr name is not uncommon in Germany, we know of no connection between the owners of this store and my husband’s … Continue reading

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Mr. Murphy, Be Ye Gone!

We are fairly certain he is in neither my ancestry nor that of my husband, yet he firmly invited himself in and promptly made himself at home.   We can’t remember when the unwelcome guest first arrived, but a little detective … Continue reading

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Words From a True Genealogist

Jane Delger, a friend of mine, has been working for a number of years on an immigration database called OGF “Auswanderer.”  It contains the names of many emigrants from the area of Oldenburg,Germany, among them many who had Ostfriesen relatives … Continue reading

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Ah, Words!

If it is true that “words have meaning,” then I have discovered a few things might be entirely different from what I thought.  For instance, my computer printer is called an “imaging device” on one of the computer menus.   Well, … Continue reading

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License Plate Genealogy?

My husband Jim has a personalized license plate for his car:       Recently this German license plate was seen:   Does this mean the cars are related? ???

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Dreams and Projects

“Some family trees have beautiful leaves, and some have just a bunch of nuts. Remember, it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking.” –Author Unknown “You’ve got to have a dream. If you don’t have a dream. How … Continue reading

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