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Keeping Up With the (Digital) Times

Changes abound: *typewriters have given way to computers *landlines are being replaced by cell phones *videocassettes gave way to DVDs which are being supplemented by online streaming *and vinyl records, while still available, are becoming rare and were replaced mostly … Continue reading

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Another BillionGraves Story

Our local genealogy society receives numerous research requests, some of which are to photograph a tombstone of an ancestor.  The biggest challenge in taking the photograph (other than picking a day when the weather conditions are favorable!) is locating the … Continue reading

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Facebook to the Genealogy Rescue

I am a huge proponent of technology when it can be used for furthering genealogy research.  In fact, more and more research is being done using the Internet and social media.  Not everything is online (and never will be) and … Continue reading

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An Image Here and an Image There: a BillionGraves Tale

Last spring while I was off playing Grandmother, my husband Jim decided to take a “stay-cation” and found a project dear to the heart of any genealogist … photographing gravestones in area cemeteries.  (I suspect he has a few symptoms … Continue reading

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Technology Days of Yore

There was a time when connecting to the Internet involved a dial-up connection, the “handshake” noise when two modems would connect … and the telephone line would sound a busy signal to anyone dialing our number. All that almost seems … Continue reading

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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, How are you? I hope you and Mrs. Claus have had a good year. I have been a good, i.e. well-behaved, genealogist this year. Here is my “would like to have” list for Christmas: 1. More time to … Continue reading

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Researching With Traditional and Online Sources

“Oh, I never use the Internet for genealogy research.” “All genealogy research is online so I never go to a court-house or library.” These opposing viewpoints certainly represent different approaches to doing family history research.  In my experience, both traditional … Continue reading

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