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Not Part of My Ancestors’ Conversation

Overheard recently at a social gathering: One young sounding voice says, “I don’t think we’ve met.” The other woman is heard to say, “No, but we’re friends on Facebook.” I can say with certainty my ancestors did not have this … Continue reading

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Bouncing Back … With a Little Help from Genealogy

After a nasty bout with a spring virus, I’m on the mend. It’s also been, and continues to be, a busy genealogy week. And that may just be the tonic needed! The Story County Genealogical Society (SCGS) met Monday evening … Continue reading

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Gems in the Conversation

One of the best genealogy treasures I have is a recorded interview with my aunt Ella Kruse,  a resident of the Diamond Acres Care Center in Bridgewater, South Dakota at the time of our conversation in May 2003.   Ella passed … Continue reading

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Amazing Google … What’s Not to Like?

Since the late 1990s Google has revolutionized Internet searching and become the leading search engine. But that only scratches the surface as Google has a translation service for approximately 155 languages, including “Elmer Fudd.” (Those wascally words!) And that, too, … Continue reading

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An Ever-Changing World

Progress in technology: Cave writing … invention of paper … invention of printing press 78rpm records … 45 rpm records … 331/3 rpm vinyl records … 8 track cassettes …  audio cassettes … compact discs … mp3 files Silent movies … Continue reading

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Progress Between the Generations

Even though it doesn’t appear on my birth certificate, Comfort Creature could well be my middle name. First it was a crock pot, then a telephone answering machine, a microwave,  and a VCR, all of which have evolved to the … Continue reading

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Advent Wreath

Through the years our family has had an Advent wreath in anticipation celebrating the birth of Christ.  Composed of four candles each one represents the four Sundays of Advent.  Traditionally the candles have had an open flame, but this one … Continue reading

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