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Wasserburg in Anstel, Germany

This plate was a gift from my husband Jim’s relatives when we visited them in Rommerskirchen, Germany in 2011.  Unfortunately, it did not make the journey back across the Atlantic in one piece. With much patience, some good adhesive, and … Continue reading

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So Well Remembered

One of the highlights of our German trip (September 2011) was meeting family relatives for the first time. In Rommerskirchen, we were honored guests in the home of Anna and Herbert Schwenke. Although we spoke with the aid of translators, … Continue reading

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Myth Debunked by Logic

Klaus Erdmann, an historian in the Rommerskirchen area of Germany, has provided some clear and logical thinking on the Lohr family “story” concerning Mathias Löhr’s supposedly swimming the Rhine River to leave Germany. Herr Erdmann states: Butzheim, Cologne, and Antwerp … Continue reading

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Rommerskirchen, Germany: A Return to the Lohr Homeland

On our trip to Germany, we visited Rommerskirchen, home of many of Jim’s ancestors. I had contacted the Bürgermeister, Albert Glöckner several months earlier, and, through a series of email exchanges with Klaus Erdmann and the Historical Society, we learned … Continue reading

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